June 27, 2019

ZimDancehall is not gospel: Fantan defends violence, sex in lyrics

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ZIMDANCEHALL artists will continue churning out lyrics laden with sex, violence and drug abuse because these are real issues affecting society and, besides, ZimDancehall is not gospel music, DJ Fantan has said.

“Dancehall lyrics are different from any other genre. You sing what is happening on the streets and the society, this is what makes dancehall different from sungura or gospel,” Fantan, real name Arnold Kamudyariwa, said.

The Chillspot Records co-founder DJ Fantan also claimed that dancehall as a genre was different from any other as it is a watchdog of society and speaks of the prominent issues being experienced.

“If people know dancehall is not gospel maybe they will understand where we are coming from,” said Fantan.

Fantan also told the publication that dirty songs have a category in the Zim dancehall.

He told H-Metro: “That is why in Zim dancehall awards we have a category called club songs. This is the category where people call it dirty songs, but these songs reflect the truth of what is happening in the streets.”

“Drugs are being abused in the streets, prostitution is happening in the streets and the youths are also indulging in sexual activities its reality.

“These ganja lyrics and p**sy songs did not start with these young artists. Even Winiky D back in the days did songs like Mziti and Mabhebhi Hobho, Seh Calaz has a song Ndakarohwa nemuzii,Soul Jah Luv has Gumkum, Killer-T has a song with the lines ‘Ndikamuona achifamba yangu inomi**’ and Sniper storm also has these types of songs,” he told the publication.

This comes after the prolific Mbare-based studio has attracted criticism over explicit content in its music.

The label which is not new to the controversy last year after they hogged the limelight when high flying Enzo Ishall attracted attention from the authorities with his explicit lyrics after university students stripped n_aked to his 50-magate track.

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