May 25, 2019
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Catholic priest turns into wedding wrecker after his sex shenanigans were BUSTED

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Instead of encouraging congregants to wed and marry and live happily ever after, a Roman Catholic priest has been busted as a wedding wrecker after graphic details of his sexual relationship with a Bulawayo woman were exposed.

A man from Bulawayo has cancelled his scheduled marriage and wedding to a woman in the same city after discovering that she was not only having an affair with a Roman Catholic priest, but she was also sleeping with him.

Roman Catholic priests have a vow to celibacy, and are barred from having sex.

Father Itai Mangenda, who once stayed served as priest in Bulawayo but is now serving in Mutare, has been sleeping with Miss Rutendo Mudzingwa (24) who was about to get married to Mr McDonald Majaya (32) .

Mr. Majaya was set to pay lobola beginning of April, but all that has been derailed after he happened upon WhatsApp chats that exposed that his sweetheart has been sleeping with Father Itai Mangenda.

The lovebirds have been enjoying steamy sex sessions since February last year, according to the Chronicle.

“I discovered that the two were in a relationship since last year and we have been having misunderstandings with my girlfriend over the issue. This is unacceptable, how can a priest who vowed not to marry interfere with my relationship?” Majaya told the Chronicle.

Rutendo Mudzingwa, the woman who has been enjoying steamy sexy sessions with the Catholic priest

“I don’t know what to do because right now, l’m really hurt. This is disturbing especially considering that l was putting my all into the relationship and was thinking of paying something (lobola) in April,” he said.

Father Joe Mangenda, who is also Father Itai Mangenda’s brother and is based in Bulawayo, reportedly tried to bribe Mr. Majaya with US$300 so that he does not reveal the sexual relationship to the press. He even offered to increase the bribe money to US$500, but an adamant Mr. Majaya would have none of that.

BUSTED: Father Itai Mangenda… a Catholic priest who took a vow of celibacy, but can’t keep the vow and has been sleeping around

Miss Mudzingwa reportedly begged for forgiveness from Mr. Majaya in leaked WhatsApp chats. She claimed she had been used by evil spirits.

Ndakakutadzira and l am sorry (I wronged you and l am sorry). I was used by evil spirits but l just pray you understand me,” said Miss Mudzingwa in the chat.

Dai usina kurara hako napriest. Hautye Mwari? (If only you had not slept with the priest, don’t you fear God?),” responded Mr Majaya in the chat.

When the Cronicle contacted Father Itai Mangenda from his Mutare base to get his side of the story, he initially denied knowing anyone by the name Rutendo Mudzingwa.

He then frantically changed his song after being told that there was evidence he was in a sexual relationship with the woman.

“I know her as a believer and l once went to their home to visit her sick grandmother. The correct position is that l am not dating her, she is just a friend unless if befriending people has become a crime,” he said.

“The problem is with the girl. If people are over-excited they start thinking that they are in love but that’s not the case. I am her priest and she is a believer,” he said. 

The clergyman begged The Chronicle not to publish the story, saying it would tarnish his image.

“Please do not write such stories. Imagine they will be read everywhere and that will tarnish my image. This is a planned lie meant to tarnish my image,” he said.

Miss Mudzingwa said she admitted to having an affair with the priest because Mr Majaya threatened her.

“This is something old, we talked about it and it was solved. He (Majaya) threatened me, so l just admitted it. Otherwise there is nothing going on between us,” she said.

Asked about the WhatsApp chats, Miss Mudzingwa started crying and begged the Chronicle not to publish the story.

“Please do not put my reputation at stake. Maybe Majaya wants me dead that’s why he’s giving you this story. I also have a family and what do you think they will say?” she asked.

Last year, a love affair between a Roman Catholic priest from Bulawayo and a secret lover that resulted in pregnancy and payment of lobola was exposed after the clergyman tried to bed the woman’s mother.

Father Fernando Ncube (43) of St Pius church in Njube suburb allegedly customarily married Ms Bridget Moyo (31) last year and the two kept their relationship a secret to the world, until she felt betrayed. 

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