May 24, 2019
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Welshman Ncube’s daughter strip naked in one-woman protest

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MDC Alliance deputy president Welshman Ncube’s daughter Gugu Ncube has vowed to stage a one-woman protest without any clothes at Union building in South Africa on Wednesday at 10 AM.

The controversial Gugu is protesting against her abuse at the hands of the University of South Africa and the police.

In 2017 she hogged the limelight after claiming that the then Chairperson of Africa Diaspora Forum Marc Gbaffou raped her.

Below is Gugu’s announcement: “My name is Gugu Ncube and on Wednesday the 13th of March 2019 l am staging a One Woman protest at union building, nake_d. Nudity is a sign of my dignity that l have been stripped off of. I have nothing more to protect. My dignity is gone.

“All l want is for President Ramaphosa to take note of the abuse I am suffering at the hands of UNISA and The South African Police. I want the UNISA management to show the country, Thuma Foundation, Commission For Gender Equality and other interested parties, my resignation letter they claim I tendered. This is my Demand!!

“I was unlawfully manhandled out of my employment at UNISA for REPORTING my immediate boss for asking for se_xual favours in exchange for my job.

“I have seen first-hand Commissioner sitting on my supposed tribunal taking bribe money to demerit me

“I have seen corrupt Police come to arrest me unprocedurally because my abuser has money to pay them.

“I will be heard


“You are welcome to come to join me, meet me, support me or watch me. I can no longer be silent. The world must know and see my story.”

Ncube has made rape claims against many prominent persons in South Africa. This led many to doubt her claims that she is politician Welshman Ncube’s daughter. She claims Welshman is her father and says there were DNA tests done in 1986 to prove the paternity.

Welshman Ncube has not publicly commented on the accusations, leading many to take them as an affirmation.

However, the fact the the use of DNA testing was only discovered in  the same year — 1986 — makes it hard to take her claims as facts. 

The 2018 rape case file

Last year, she also claimed she was raped by a known rights activist, Shivambu Mhlava.

“Gugu is the daughter of Zimbabwean politician Professor Welsham Ncube. Her brother Wesley is married to Jacob Zuma’s daughter. So Welshman being a politician is embarrassed by Gugu saying publicly that she was raped and has disowned her,” a friend of Gugu’s once told a South African paper.

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