May 25, 2019

Vimbai’s naughty n_ude attracts ridicule, but does she even care?

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VIMBAI Zimuto chose to use nudity to mourn the victims of an Ethiopian Airlines jet that crashed and killed 157 people on Sunday morning. The move backfired terribly as her fans attacked her for gross insensitivity, but does she look like she even cares?

The Netherlands-based Zimbabwean musician thrives on controversy, with every social media post of hers leaving fans and followers with little imagination and treading on the thin limits of what the society her fans live in can accept.

In her latest social media photo which she said was in mourning of the victims of the tragic Ethiopian Airlines crash where 157 people died, Vimbai she posted a n_ude photograph to pay respect to the victims of the tragic plane crash.

Her fans believe that her unbridled liberty straddles outside the norms of social constructs. This comes hardly on the heels of another steamy beach photo she used to celebrate the International Women’s Day last Friday:

For that, she has attracted a lot of public attention for her,  posting a series of n_ude images of herself on social media which have attracted criticism and ignited debate over moral values.

This time around the versatile artist seems to have crossed the line after her seemingly insensitive remarks in the caption of her n_ude photograph, paying her last respects to the dead with a n_ude, which leaves one questioning the correlation between n_udity and the tragic event.

Check it out:

The musician has been making controversial statements of late, which many believe is merely a stunt to try to hog the limelight using unorthodox means. 

In her defence after fans lampooned her, Vimbai said: “It’s amazing how all you see is my butt in that picture. And nothing else. I have a lot to say about it. Am going to let people Rant as they want.I lost everyone that meant the world to me. And I couldn’t Cry.”

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