May 25, 2019
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PICTURES: Chamisa’s pith and fulcrum re-loaded

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MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa says he attended a friend’s “function” and lined up with his buddies to show some “smarts”.

The MDC leader calls it the “fulcrum re-loaded.”

The words “fulcrum” and “pith” are not uncommon, but they were popularized by Chamisa’s lawyer Advocate Thabani Mpofu while defending the election challenge before a full bench and on live television case at the Constitutional Court in August 2018.

The constitutional court hearing in which the MDC- Alliance was challenging the validity of the 2018 elections results created lighter moment for Zimbabweans.

Social media platforms were abuzz with rib cracking memes emanating from the jargons and responses used during the hearing.

Lawyers representing interested parties in the hearing emerged the men of the moment with their scintillating jargons dominating social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp. Advocate Thabani Mpofu was the star of the memes, and an enterprising somebody even went as far as printing and selling t-shirts branded “FULCRUM” and “PITH”.

Advocate Mpofu arguing his case.

Consider this:

Thabani Mpofu (TM): The fulcrum of our case has nothing to do with the election residue.
Justice (CJ): Now I understand. U are saying that the content of yo case has nothing to do with the election residue?
TM: No, I said the fulcrum, the pith!
CJ: What? You can proceed

After the ruling in which Nelson Chamisa’s legal team lost the case with all nine judges voting in favour of the election results, the State media later went on to attack the MDC Alliance legal case with an article titled: A fulcrum of lies and the historical pith of justice! — Source: 263gossip

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