May 25, 2019

PICTURES: Cuban jazz band members enjoy Zimbabwean wildlife

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TOP Cuban jazz musician Michel Herrera Álvarez and his Mother Earth Project Jazz Band had shows in South Africa, but could not go back home without having had a taste of Zimbabwean wildlife.

So they pitched up for the weekend and treated themselves to some of the most spectacular wildlife sightings one can enjoy this side of the Equator.

Michel has accompanied both Cuban and world reknowned stars onstage such as Bobby Carcacés, Joaquín Betancourt, Jorge Reyes, Alexis Boch, Wynton Marsallis, Roy Hargrove, Arturo O´Farril and Cyrilles Aimé.

Michel Herrera Álvarez was born in Havana, Cuba May 5, 1984.

He learned to play the saxophone to please his mother and he grew up listening to jazz music at home. Time has passed since then, yet Michel Herrera continues to live jazz music intensely.

He has won several jazz awards in Cuba and beyond. 

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