July 16, 2019

Ex-ZANU-PF band leader receives death threats for defecting to Chamisa’s MDC

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FORMER Midlands province-based leader of the Zanu PF-aligned band, Chimurenga IV, John Mutemeri, who ditched the ruling party to join the opposition MDC Alliance, has received threats over the defection.

Mutemeri’s band was influential during former president Robert Mugabe’s era where it headlined perfomances at major party events like inter-face rallies, annual conferences and elective congresses.

Under Mutemeri, the band had two fully-fledged albums, Go Goi Zimbabwe produced in 2011 and Zimbabwe Yangu, which was dropped two years later.

The group went on to produce a DVD, which merged hits from the two projects whose tracks praised the ruling party and its fallen leader Mugabe.

However, Mutemeri a fortnight ago appeared at the MDC Alliance feedback meeting in Mkoba convened by legislator Amos Chibaya, where he openly revealed that he had abandoned the band and Zanu PF to join the opposition.

“Trouble started when my move was published in the media. At first, a group of Zanu PF youths approached me in town and labelled me a traitor and sell-out. They harassed me, but I just kept my cool. I thought it was nothing, but events that have followed show my life is in danger,” Mutemeri said.

He revealed last week that he was summoned by a top army official at Six Maint military bar where he was hanging out with a colleague and told he had been barred from the joint.

“The top military chef just told me point-blank that I had been banned from Six Maint because of the article, which announced my defection from Zanu PF. However, several Zanu activists still go there and I wonder whether it’s a crime to be a member of MDC,” he said.

The visibly-shaken artiste also revealed that his home had been visited by unknown people suspected to be state security agents.

“My younger brother, who is in Kwekwe, also called me to say he had been warned by unidentified people that I might simply be killed or have my children abducted because of pledging to sing MDC songs. I am in great fear for my life,” he said.

The Gweru musician will now join the likes of Paul Madzore, who have been pivotal in orchestrating hit songs for the opposition party. — Standard

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