July 16, 2019

Vimbai’s accident: MDC members tear each other with accusations

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THE Monday evening accident in Kwekwe which left two MDC officials dead and the party’s legislator for Glen View South, Vimbai Tsvangirai-Java injured, has also torched a storm in the party, with senior party officials being accused of causing the accident.

The Tsvangirai family has also stepped into the fierce battle and demanded that named party officials must not visit the hospital where their daughter is receiving treatment.

Vimbai, the Glen View South MP who was also nominated by three provinces for the post of secretary-general in the women’s assembly in the ongoing congress, was reportedly threatened at a Matebeleland North provincial caucus over the weekend, leading to her fearing for her life.

“Her campaign team, who also were her driver including her uncle Tafadzwa Mhundwa, could not sleep for two days as they offered her security following the threats,” reads a message gleaned by ZOOMZimbabwe in a closed official WhatsApp Group where senior MDC officials usually post their Congress campaign messages.

In the same group, an angry senior MDC official says Vimbai was also accused by (name withheld) of riding on her father’s name and wanting to hop into national council without having come all the way up from provinces.

Another message reads: “(Name withheld) and your ladies friends you must come out clean especially after what you said and the promise of blood-shed by some senior female leaders. Whether it’s by witchcraft, planned tempering of Vimbai car or emotionally stressing Vimbai and her and campaign team, you are highly implicated.”

The message continues: “Vimbai cried all Saturday night and her team had to guard her fearing for her life after being threatened by (name withheld) and her friends.

Vimbai Tsvangirai-Java and part of her campaign team

“The attacks left drivers fatigued and tired as they barely slept.”

Another message makes allegations of juju having been sprayed on Vimbai and her team as well as their campaign vehicles.

Another message reads: “Your speech and attack on Vimbai in Matebeleland North speaks a lot. The reason why the Tvangirai family said they don’t want too many people to visit (the memorial) was a diplomatic way of blocking you and your team.

“The information gathered so far points to you and your friends causing a threat to the lives Vimbai and her campaign team. “

Yet another MDC member in thesame closed group of party officials reads: “What do you know about this accident national chair. If you know nothing why did you threaten her like that in Matebeleland North?

“You and your company please stay away from any attempt to visit Vimbai. Please stay away from (Paul) Rukanda and (Tafadzwa) Mhundwa’s funerals… Those who traumatise and kill must not pretend to be our friends.”

The horrific road accident near Kwekwe which left Vimbai Tsvangirai-Java in a critical but stable condition has also claimed a brother to the late MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s late wife.

Tafadzwa Mhundwa, a brother to the late Susan Tsvangirai, died in last night’s accident. The accident also claimed the life of Paul Rukanda, the Glen South District Organising Secretary for the MDC.

Vimbai’s campaign manager Paul Rukanda and Tafadzwa Munzwa, her late mother’s cousin, died from the injuries after they were trapped in the vehicle for over an hour before emergency services and police arrived, party officials said.

MDC spokesperson Jacob Mafume said Vimbai was travelling from a provincial caucus in Bulawayo.

“She is in a critical, but stable condition and has since been transferred to Harare for better medical care. Kwekwe does not have rescue facilities, let alone medicines,” he said.

The totaled vehicle which was involved in an accident between Kwekwe and Kadoma.

Vimbai’s mother and wife to the late Tsvangirai, Susan, died in a car crash in March 2009, leaving her husband with injuries a month after he was sworn in as the Zimbabwe’s Prime Minister during the tenure of 2009-2013 government of national unity between MDC and Zanu-PF.

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa travelled to the accident scene on Monday night together with other senior members of the party.

Meanwhile, a Tsvangirai family member has reportedly barred four top MDC officials from visiting the hospital where Vimbai Tsvangirai-Java is receiving treatment.

This follows a message also circulated in the same groups in which a senior MDC figure was quoted saying: “Vasikana ngatimire neprinciple. Am clear, let’s vote pana Memory Mbondiya pa Secretary-General. Vimbai hatisi kumuramba asi chii chaakaitira musangano zvekungobva kunze achipinda munational. Dai ambodzidza musangano ari kudistrict or province. Nhoroondo yake yaanotaura ndeya baba vake Morgan saka munhu anopinda basa neCV remumwe here...?”

More to follow…

Source: ZOOMZimbabwe

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